Message from Hull Licensing

Hull is now in a health emergency with infection rates at 770 per 100,000 of population

The rate is continuing to grow with Hull’s public health officials warning that the peak is yet to come. The total number of people who have tragically died of the virus in Hull throughout the pandemic is 289.  Throughout this terrible pandemic, thanks must go to every member of the private hire and hackney carriage trades who have all made significant changes to adhere to the government’s guidance.

However, we now must encourage you to read and familiarise yourself with the latest CORONAVIRUS GUIDANCE FOR TAXIS AND PHVS and, where possible, to read and display the attached posters in public and staff areas of Private Hire Operator offices.

For your convenience, we have highlighted a few of those important new measures to stop the spread, below.


  • coronavirus symptoms – a fever, new cough or loss of smell or taste
  • had a positive coronavirus test in the last 10 days


As well as asking these questions above, you should continue to wash or sanitise hands if you come into contact with a passenger or their luggage. You should do this before and after contact. You must continue to provide support to disabled passengers to safely enter and exit your vehicle. You must continue to assist disabled passengers with their luggage and mobility equipment and show passengers your face while socially distancing so that they can identify you as their driver.

People must stay at home and avoid travel, unless it is for work, education or other legally permitted reasons. If travelling away from home under a legally permitted reason, passengers can only travel with someone they live with (social contact), or with someone they have formed a support bubble with, unless they are travelling as part of an activity that is exempt. To help control the spread of the virus you should remind passengers of this rule, but you do not have to refuse to carry them.

Sadly the local infection rate continues to climb and, as things stand, when the national lockdown ends on 2nd December, the restrictions for Hull are expected to remain severe.

This will have very serious implications for all of us, our places of work and our local economy, at what should be one of the most social, busy and happy times of the year. 

Relaxing our efforts now could mean that, over the Christmas and New Year period and beyond, we will not be able to meet with anyone outside of our household or support bubble in any indoor or outdoor setting; we will need to avoid staying overnight anywhere else in the country, and people elsewhere must avoid coming to stay in Hull; and Pubs and bars would remain closed unless they serve substantial meals and other business could be similarly affected. 

It is therefore vitally important that we all continue to do everything we can to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

To help keep Hull COVID-19 Safe:

TAKE CARE        

  • Washing or sanitise hands frequently or if you come into contact with a passenger or their luggage.  Do this before and after contact.
  • Regular cleaning & sanitising of your taxi/private hire vehicle’s touch points
  • Show passengers your face while socially distancing so that they can identify you as their driver.
  • Refuse service to passengers without mandatory face covering, subject to exemption
  • Refuse service to passengers who confirm they have coronavirus symptoms – a fever, new cough or loss of smell or taste and/or have had a positive coronavirus test in the last 10 days
  • Wear a face covering where required, if you can
  • Ask passengers to sit in the rear or maintain a distance, where possible


  • A high temperature
  • A new continuous cough
  • A loss or change to sense of smell or taste.


  • Isolating immediately if we have symptoms and then booking a test
  • Staying at home except for specific reasons such as shopping for essentials or for school or work

Hull City Council are here to support residents and local businesses wherever possible during this time of crisis and, working with our partners, we are stepping up our efforts too.  Our Public Health teams are working 24/7 to manage outbreaks and help our schools, public services and businesses to operate safely.  We are working with communities and voluntary sector partners to support our most vulnerable residents, and provide assistance through our 300 307 ‘Hull Helpline’.  Alongside our MPs, the authority have also asked the Prime Minister for vital resources and assistance so we can properly support our communities and overcome this virus. 

So please keep up the good work and follow the new guidance where possible. This really is our final chance to stop the spread by staying apart and thinking of others.  Please do it for your family, your friends, your NHS and your City.

Driver Guidance

Based on the latest government advice for transport operators(19/11/2020), the UK Government has set clear guidelines around managing the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that will help protect you & the community.


Showing symptoms-

  • Public Health England has stated that anyone showing symptoms associated with COVID-19 must stay at home. For the latest update on the government recommendations, please see here.

Face coverings      

The UK government has made it mandatory for passengers travelling in an enclosed space to wear a face-covering unless they are exempt. This can help protect each other and reduce the spread of the disease if they are suffering from coronavirus but not showing symptoms.

There are passengers who will be exempt from wearing a face covering. As such please read through the below link, specifically the section titled “Exemptions from mandatory face coverings on transport and at transport hubs”

We have offered every driver 3 reusable face coverings, although it is not mandatory for you to wear a face cover, Public Health England highly recommends that you do so. This not only protects yourself & the customer; this fills the public with confidence in the safety of our service, which could result in further bookings.

Social Distancing

To maximise social distancing, Public Health England advises passengers to sit in the rear of the vehicle, preferably on the left side if they are travelling alone. It is also advised for both the driver and passenger to open a window where possible; this is to encourage clear ventilation throughout the enclosed environment.

Vehicle Cleaning

The UK Government have given clear guidance stating “keep vehicles clean and prevent the transmission of coronavirus as a result of touching contaminated surfaces”. To review the full advice regarding aspects ‘you should consider’ in regards to cleaning your vehicles, please click here or review the above link. Suggestions include but are not limited to wiping down door handles and your own personal hand hygiene.

Preparing your vehicle for the next passenger

The latest advice from the Government (18/11/2020), advise between every journey you should:

  • Clean those parts of your vehicle that you or passengers may have touched, for example, door handles, payment devices, protective screens, buttons, seats
  • Open doors/windows to ventilate the car for 5 minutes
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser

Helpful information

Government Driver Guidance:

Staying safe outside your home:

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