How do I become a Taxi Driver

How do I become a Taxi Driver?

Whether you’re searching for a new career or a means to supplement your income, a self-employed career as a Private Hire Driver might be right for you. Many taxi drivers are able to work when they want and create their own schedules, which might be excellent for anybody looking for a side hustle or a more flexible work schedule.

Starting as a Private Hire Driver may be an option for those who have an appropriate vehicle and a  driving record. If you reside near a town or city centre, you should make a lot of money as a taxi driver. However, in order to get started as a taxi driver, you’ll need the following.

Do Taxi Drivers Make a Good Living?

One of the first things you’ll want to know about being a taxi driver is how much money you can expect to make. The company you work with and the number of hours you work all have an effect on your pay.

Getting A Job

The first step is to figure out how you’ll get started as a cab driver. Work with a local taxi company like Drive.


The first step in becoming a cab driver is obtaining a Private Hire Badge from the council. Chat with the Drive team to find out more information if you would like help.


It’s unlikely that your current auto insurance coverage will cover you if you wish to become a taxi driver. If you don’t have the proper insurance for the job, you might be penalised, prohibited from driving, or even arrested if you don’t have taxi driver insurance.

You, your car, and your passengers will be protected while you’re at work if you have the correct insurance. If you’re on a limited budget, shopping around for rates online might help you get the most affordable taxi insurance.

Choose when and where you work

As a general rule, taxis are in more demand in big cities and towns; if you live somewhere quieter, you might want to consider traveling a bit further to take advantage of this. Additionally, the hours that your cab is open to passengers might have an effect on how much money you make. Since many people go out with their friends on Friday and Saturday nights and need a ride home, these are the most lucrative times to be a cab driver.