Taking a Taxi Abroad – 8 Tips for Travellers

Taking a Taxi Abroad – 8 Tips for Travellers

If you’re going out of town, but you’re afraid to take a cab, you’re not alone. Are you concerned about being conned? You’re not the only one, after all. It’s common for people who don’t pre-book cabs to feel this way. So, here is some advice on how to keep safe while using taxis while on a trip abroad. If you’re travelling outside of your country, taking a cab may be nerve-wracking for anybody, but it’s especially so for women. Taxi price rates and traffic conditions in the town are unknown to you, making it more difficult to get about. The procedure might be difficult, but there are a few cab safety guidelines that can make it easier for any traveller. A cab, on the other hand, provides more dependable transportation than public transit options such as the bus or train. Renting a car and travelling on your own can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Many of the city’s top tourist destinations are within easy reach of taxi drivers. So don’t stop using cabs because you’re concerned about your safety. Finding a reputable taxi service is the greatest method to ensure your safety while taking a cab while travelling internationally.

Taxi Rides Abroad: Tips for Keeping Yourself Safe

1. Before You Book, Find Out the Cost

Try to find out how much a taxi ride will cost you, both from the airport and any desired tourist attractions. These prices may easily be found via a simple Google search or by customer reviews that include an estimate of the price. In the event that you know someone who lives in the area, ask them.

2. The Places You’re Going to Visit Need to Be Researched

How far are you from the sites you wish to see? Do you know how much taxi rides cost for people with the same trip plan? To go to those locations, what are the best routes? Consider all of these factors while determining your fare so that you can make an informed decision. However, if drivers know a few shortcuts, it can still go down. As long as it doesn’t appear to be an accident, get out of the car at the earliest opportunity. You’ll be able to see if your driver is driving you in the proper direction or if he’s just going around and around.

3. Instead of hailing a cab, make a reservation in advance

The following is one of the most useful taxi safety guidelines for foreign travellers. When hailing a taxi from the street, it’s impossible to know if it’s safe, thus it’s best to choose a reliable taxi service provider to ensure your safety. Book the journey via your hotel or do some research on the finest providers. When using cabs in a foreign country, this is the best approach to ensure your own safety.

4. Check Your Meter, Plate Number, and More!

Make sure the taxi you’re taking has a functional metre and legal business licence before getting in. Avoid taking the cab if anything doesn’t look right. Because of this, it is always better to pre-arrange a cab when travelling overseas. Taxis from a legitimate taxi company will have all the necessary documentation, licences, and insurance, as well as all the necessary professional equipment, such as radios, metres, and GPS.

5. The backseat is the best place to be

Every traveller should be aware of these cab safety measures. No matter what gender you are, it is not required that you sit in the front passenger’s seat in a cab. Sit in the centre of the backseat whenever possible. This will help keep you out of sight of the cab driver and any robbers.

6. Keep an Eye on Your Stuff

Make sure your valuables are carefully hidden before taking a taxi since this is one of the most important taxi safety recommendations. Wearing expensive jewellery makes you an easy target, so avoid it at all costs. Instead, keep it in your bag or purse and wear it when you arrive at the party or club. It’s best to keep your luggage at your feet rather than on the seat in order to prevent it from being stolen.

7. Keep the Windows Rolled Up at All Times

Be careful to roll up your window when driving in a foreign nation so that no one may steal your purse or phone. In addition, always have your phone close to hand in case you have an emergency and need to contact someone. Because you are ready to make a phone call, the driver will think twice about misbehaving. Using a phoney phone call, if you suspect that the taxi driver is behaving suspiciously, make it sound like you’re discussing the details of the ride with someone else.

8. Maintain a speed dial for emergency numbers

In the event of an emergency, you should have a list of contacts handy. Put the police department’s phone number first, followed by the hotel manager’s phone number. Place a friend’s number on the third line if he or she lives in the nation. Alternatively, you can contact a family member or friend back home, who would then alert the authorities in your destination.

You’ll be safe on your overseas travel if you follow these suggestions. Also, don’t try to hail a cab when intoxicated. If this is the case, make arrangements with the hotel’s management to be picked up. Booking a cab ahead of time can provide a more secure mode of transportation while you’re on vacation or travelling in general.

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